Purdue Learning Design and Technology Portfolio

Competency Table

The Competency Table links the Competencies with the related Purdue LDT courses, course projects and assignments. You can click on the item under the competency to review the item.

Course Competency
Synthesize Knowledge Create Knowledge Communicate Knowledge Think Critically & Reflectively Engage in Professional Development Participate Actively in the Profession Apply ID Principles Apply CBT Technologies & Media
EDCI513 Foundations of Learning Design & Technology Final Paper Final Paper Initial Definition of IDT Revised Definition of IDT Career Path Reflection
EDCI528 Human Performance Technology Final Project Part 1 Final Project Part 2 Presenter Reflection 1
EDCI531 Learning Theory and Instructional Design Final Paper Final Paper Case Studies
EDCI569 Introduction to eLearning Paper Prototype Final Project Reflection Digital Prototype Paper Prototype
EDCI572 Learning Systems Design Final Project Report Final Project
EDCI575 Foundations of Distance Education Learning Design Activities (LDAs)  
EDCI577 Strategic Assessment and Evaluation Evaluation Project Evaluation Project
EDCI660 Learning and Design Technology Seminar Initial Reflective Essay
EDCI672 Advanced Practices in Learning System Design Case Analyses  
Self Initiated Projects ILT Technical Session Overview eBook Covers Workshop Small Business Technology & Design Workshop Series

Building an eBook Cover e-Learning Project(User: guser1382, password: PsOo01Gk)